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Invest with peace of mind.


Our Commitment to You

As your fellow investors, your success is in our best interest. We have built a team that shares a deep passion for what they do, so you can invest with peace of mind. Our hands-off approach allows our investors to fully rely on our experienced management team to take care of all of the operating and administrative responsibilities. Our target annual rate of return of 7-10% is achieved through our conservative underwriting strategy.

Our Strategy

We have leveraged our management team's extensive industry experience to establish an underwriting processes that focuses on preserving capital and achieving exceptional results.

All mortgages are held by and registered in the name of Nation Capital Corp.

Trustworthy Sourcing

We work with our community and the industry's best professionals to source only the highest quality deals.

Thorough Due Diligence


All underwriting is done in-house by our management team to thoroughly assess the property, the borrower's credit, and to establish clear exit strategies.

Strict Lending Guidelines​

Each mortgage investment must:

  • Not exceed 75% loan-to-value

  • Be short-term (12 months or less); and

  • Possess the same legally binding documentation as traditional mortgages.

Proactive Monitoring​

Our team regularly monitors each mortgage investment to minimize risk and ensure that they continue to meet our lending guidelines.

Performance Highlights

7 years Annualized Rate of Return 2016 – 2022

Avg. rate of return: 8.83%

Update rate of return

Investment Growth Chart

Initial Investment: $100,000

Avg. Rate of Return: 8.83%

Investment Value: $180,771

Update Growth chart

Past results are not indicative of future performance. This material is for information purposes only.

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