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Nation Capital Management Corp.

Nation Capital Management Corp. ("NCM") is an Exempt Market Dealer ("EMD") that participates in the sale of prospectus exempt securities to accredited investors and other investors to whom securities are sold in reliance on other prospectus exemptions. NCM only sells the securities of Nation Capital Corp., a “connected issuer”.

According to the Private Capital Markets Association of Canada:

"EMDs are fully registered securities dealers who engage in the business of trading prospectus exempt securities, or any securities, to qualified exempt market clients.

EMDs are subject to full dealer registration and compliance requirements and are directly regulated by the provincial securities commissions. EMDs are required to meet all dealer obligations which include: educational proficiency, capital and solvency, insurance, audited financial statements, know your client, know your product, trade suitability, compliance systems, record keeping, client statements, trade confirmations, disclosure of conflicts of interest and referral arrangements, etc."

Nation Capital Management Corp. is a registered EMD in British Columbia.

Corporate Governance

Auditor: MNP LLP

Securities Counsel: McMillan LLP

Registered Plan Trustee: Olympia Trust Company

Regulator: BC Financial Services Authority

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