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Executive Team

Bruce Kahkesh

Founder & CEO

Bruce possesses over 22 years of experience relating to mortgage brokering, lending, and real estate investing. Behind the scenes, his vision and leadership guides Nation Capital's team to successfully execute strategies that enhances value for its investors and clients. He oversees all of the investments made by Nation Capital and throughout his career, has structured over $1 billion in first and second mortgages. He is passionate about helping individuals and families navigate the complex world of financial services through honest advice and fiduciary responsibilities in English and Farsi.

In his spare time, Bruce enjoys playing tennis, being outdoors, and spending time with his family. He can often be found reading, learning about new things, and envisioning creative business plans.

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Lili Kahkesh


Lili has been working in the mortgage industry since 2001 and manages all of Nation Capital’s transactions and operations. She is detail-oriented in her approach to due diligence to mitigate financial and administrative risks, and skillfully balances attractive returns for investors. Her extensive background in accounting and financial analysis allows her to easily work through the intricacies of financial transactions and investment proposals.

Lili is able to offer services in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.


Outside of work, she is also heavily engaged in her community and follows the philosophy that her actions both within work and family life should contribute to building an enduring legacy in the community. She is an active member of the Crofton House School Advancement Committee and BC Children's Hospital Crystal Ball Committee.

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