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A partnership built for success.


Common Sense Underwriting

At Nation Capital Corp., we are constantly looking for ways to help homeowners tap into their home equity. As a partner, our goal is to create an everlasting partnership with you, built on trust and success. With over 40 combined years in mortgage brokering and lending, we provide our partners with exceptional industry knowledge and perspective.

We carefully consider each deal referred to us so we can tailor each solution to your unique clients. We are proud to offer flexible mortgage terms with reasonable mortgage rates. Our dedicated and experienced underwriters will work with you in order to achieve approvals quickly for you and your client.

Tailored Financing

We understand that as the mortgage industry changes, so do your client's needs. We tailor our mortgages to each client and each situation including:

  • Credit impaired financing​

  • Non-income qualified financing​

  • Equity financing ​

  • New immigrants to Canada 

Our lending guidelines can be found here.

Ready to submit a deal?

We'll help you get your client's mortgage application approved quickly.

Please submit your deal by contacting our lead underwriter:


Lili Kahkesh

(604) 681-7772 |

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